The objective of the Volunteer Elmore County component of Leadership Elmore County is to engage the participation of LEC alumni, and the public at large, in volunteer activities throughout Elmore County and to inform, challenge, and otherwise educate the participants of the opportunities and needs of the community.

LEC’s dedicated class members and alumni serve their community in many capacities, through many careers, and in a number of volunteer and elected positions throughout the county.  This component is an attempt to harness the great potential of our community volunteers and to recognize the value of volunteer service.

LEC has created and will maintain a dynamic list of volunteer opportunities and contacts to aid its members, alumni, and community supporters in targeting community service opportunities.  The LEC Blog provides a portal through which Blog participants will have an opportunity to post current needs, volunteer opportunities and contact information.

The greatest opportunity we have to influence and impact our community in a positive way is through volunteer service.

Volunteer Elmore County…connecting the needs of citizens with hands that can fill the void

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