Leadership Elmore County is open to all adults over the age of 21 who live or work in Elmore County and have a desire to expand their leadership capacity. Attendance at an overnight retreat and seven of nine full-day sessions is required for graduation. It is also required that each class member actively participates in the execution of the class project. The process of selection begins each spring with a call for nominees.

Self-nominations are encouraged. All nominees are sent application forms to complete. Once completed, the applications are given to the Selection Committee, whom closely examines them and selects a representative cross-section of leaders to participate in the upcoming class. Class members are selected based on their leadership experience, career accomplishments, volunteer activities, contributions to the community, and commitment to help shape a better community. The program is limited in size; therefore, qualified individuals may be deferred. Those not accepted in a given year may be considered again for the subsequent year if they wish. If you are interested in nominating someone, please send an e-mail to info@LeadershipElmoreCounty.com with the name and address of your nominee.

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